Food for

In 2050, the world population will be almost 10 billion people. Ensuring that everyone has access to healthy and sustainable food will be a challenge of the future that begins today in our search for solutions.

This motivated the Museum of Tomorrow and the Science Museum Group to develop the Food for Tomorrow project, with support from the British Council funded through the Newton Fund Institutional Skills program.

The project trained staff from the Museum of Tomorrow to develop a touring exhibition on food, as well as promote the exchange of knowledge between the museums.

The Museum of Tomorrow promoted a series of workshops on reducing food waste and making full use of food products in the Port Region of Rio de Janeiro, where the museum is located. The objective was to encourage healthier habits among the residents and create a network of sustainable restaurants. These workshops provided an opportunity to test the educational approaches that will accompany the touring exhibition wherever it goes, mobilizing a growing audience.

As if it were at step-by-step recipe to serve many people, the project was instrumental for this exhibition that is currently being developed by the Museum of Tomorrow on the future of food.

Let's get cooking

We have held dozens of meetings, spent more than a hundred hours exchanging experiences, through free workshops for residents and restaurants, as well as exchanges between the staff of the Museum of Tomorrow and the Science Museum Group, between mid-2017 and early 2018. In addition, we have established partnerships with Embrapa-Solos, Sebrae/RJ, Refettorio Gastromotiva and Fazenda Culinária restaurant, which have been decisive for the success of the project.

​Combining knowledge

Who makes the recipe

Recipes of

In addition to encouraging restaurant owners and chefs in the port region of Rio de Janeiro, the workshops held by the Museum of Tomorrow in partnership with Sebrae/RJ inspired the participants to create their own recipes inspired by the new lessons learned.

The results can be seen in the book Recipes of Tomorrow, available in Portuguese and English. The book provides recipes for the full use of food prepared by restaurants to enhance their menu and reduce food waste.


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An exhibition under construction

How to feed ten billion people with quality food and sustainability? The Museum of Tomorrow will guide visitors to explore the dilemmas and possibilities for the future of food in a 600m² exhibition, full of interactive displays, video-mappings, totems, LED screens, backlights and unique experiences that other museums will also be able to display.

A long-term partnership